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Welcome, you have arrived in the here and now! This is the official website for Zen Activist Press but you will also find free videos, articles and more to help guide anyone along the path to awakening as a Zen Activist. Also, “Just Bee!” is now available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble along with many other vendors! Click the cover below for a sneak peak at a few pages!

Our hope is that using some videos, articles, books and any other medium we can think of, that we can inspire a more loving, healthy and compassionate world. We love our world, all the creatures on it and hope that together, we can reverse some of the ecological damage that we have done in our collective deep sleep. As Zen Activists we want to find peace within, so that we can be a source of peace in the world. We see this as the highest form of activism. Our focus is on using meditation to accomplish this goal. With our website you can discover how to practice mindfulness and clear up any confusion about what it isn’t. We discuss a variety of topics to assist you with this and we hope you will enjoy the ride 🙂 You are welcome to sign up for our newsletter (so you get an email whenever we upload a new video), like us on Facebook or follow us on Youtube to keep the momentum of the awakening going! If you think you might be a Zen Activist, remember, you aren’t alone and we are here to help you!


When we open ourselves up to the present moment, we can see the miracle of life unfolding before us!