Just Bee!

Our first book that was just published in December 2019 is Just Bee! It’s a great introduction for kids to learn about the practice of mindfulness which is one of the best tools to help them cope with their emerging emotional intelligence. High emotional intelligence (or EQ) along with the practice of mindfulness can be the difference between caving into peer pressure and having the confidence to do what is right for themselves. What’s in the book? Well, anyone who has ever tried to meditate only to be distracted by something else can relate to the frustration expressed in Just Bee! Watch Charlie sit in a park and try to focus on her breathing while she is distracted by things like dogs barking and sirens blaring. As her anger escalates she is assisted by a wise bee who helps her to realize these aren’t distractions happening at her (they’re just things happening) and that responding with strong emotions like anger is optional. The bee coaches her on how to direct her mindfulness and to practice acceptance so that she can “bee” at peace with everything happening around her. Here is a sneak peak:

What will the bee say to help her to calm down and find some peace with all that is happening? Order your copy now and find out!